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Philip Sutton has a long history of shooting 'Stock', paid gigs and weddings.  Philip's transition into digital photography has seen his passion for street photography/travel imagery renewed with increased vigour.  He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, building up his portfolio of travel and fine art photography. He blends his passion for life with his ability to capture that special moment, this is evident in the images that he has created - the blend of the hunger of the human spirit captured with fine art.

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Enjoyed your photos from Malaysia. I would like to spend more time on your blog. On my MacBook Pro with Chrome, your text is low contrast and a thin font and it doesn't auto wrap if I "magnify" (command +) the screen image. It makes it very difficult and tiresome to read.

Dutch Red House Chinese Girl(non-registered)
Hello  sir. I am a Chinese girl who invited you to take a photo for me at the Dutch Red House in Malaysia.Are you remember me?
Melissha Kaese(non-registered)
Hi Phil. I love your work. The way you use light is very clever. I love your subject. Your photography really tells a story.
Jim Cummings(non-registered)
Great body of work, Philip! I found your site researching Fuji gear. I'm thinking about making the jump from Nikon.
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